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Prepping For Spring 2021

Here in Montana, the leaves are changing and there is a chill in the morning air as night time temperatures dip down to the 30's. And although fall is officially here, we are not slowing down but in fact getting busier! It's hard to even think about a season that is 6 months away, but spring bulbs are being delivered and now is their time to get in the ground. Did you know that many bulbs actually require a certain number of weeks of freezing temps? Nature is weird! Follow along and check out how we get our bulbs in the ground...

Here are a few of the varieties we planted: Replete Narcissus, Foxy Foxtrot Tulip, Copper Image Tulip, Ice king Narcissus, Margarita Tulip and Ice Age Tulip


Cover crop ready to be tilled in. Tilled and trenched 6". Bulbs and tags staged.

Imagine what I could get done if I really did move that fast! 750 bulbs in the ground and ready for their long hibernation.

Here they are all ready to go! Bulbs are probably the easiest thing a grower or home gardener can plant. They don't need irrigation, they bloom before anything else and they're very affordable. Plus they come in every color imaginable!

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