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Our freshman season, what a season it was!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We went into 2020 with big dreams, but little experience. In January we set up our seed starting shelves and babied tiny plants for months, just hoping they would make it the long journey to flowering. Many seedlings died, but many more survived! In early Spring, out they went. Growing plants in Montana can be an emotional rollercoaster, one day is beautiful and warm, and the next can bring a late season snow storm. So we rode the rollercoaster and finally started getting our first usable stems around mid-June. During the long winter we often asked each other, "How are we going to sell the flowers? Where are we going to sell the flowers?". There are so many ways that farmer-florists get their flowers out into the world (farmer's markets, direct to consumer, grocery stores, CSA's, etc. ), how do you make that decision before you ever cut one flower?! We found out quickly that all we needed to do was grow the flowers and the rest would fall into place. Montanans love local flowers!

Each week we sold bouquets in every size. We had smaller Market Bouquets for an affordable price that allowed customers to treat themselves or someone else every week without breaking the bank. We also did extra large arrangements for celebrating birthdays and sending thoughts of sympathy. Our weekly business bouquets gave us a bit of practice in the subscription game. And we dove into wedding work with the addition of blooms from another local grower, and are already booking for next year!

Sophomore Season

For next year we definitely have a clearer vision of what our business goals are. We know that the demand is here in Montana, and we're going for it! We are actually preparing to plant all of our earliest season blooms in the next few weeks. We hope to have not only twice the product, but a longer season of selling as well. We're hoping to have blooms as early as Mothers Day, but only the true Mother (nature) will decide that!

Favorites from the Season


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