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Montana Wedding Florist

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Hey! I'm Andi Thatcher, and I'm the (co)owner and dreamer here at the farm. My husband Owen is a Lineman by day and the other half of this operation. We have loved gardening and growing for many years and finally jumped in to the world of growing cut flowers on a larger scale. We work hard to bring flowers to you in a sustainable way, improving the soil and area along the way. 


Here on the farm we are focused on growing the most beautiful and fragrant flowers we can for our customers. We believe in cow poop and compost, and growing big healthy plants to combat pests and disease. We try to be as organic as we possibly can so we can deliver you a product you feel safe placing on your kitchen counter. 

Have a garden or farm of your own? 

These are some of our favorite tools and books

we use here on our farm!

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Our farm is located in the Bull Mountains just south of Roundup, Montana. We mostly grow flowers that thrive in our colder climate, and some that we have to convince to thrive. It is important now, more than ever, to focus on the “grown not flown” movement to keep American dollars here at home. Most of the cut flowers sold in the US are imported from other countries. We are committed to getting beautiful, high quality, local flowers into homes and businesses, one bouquet at a time. Instead of sitting in a shipping box on an airplane from South America, the flowers are already on your counter!


One of the biggest goals of our business is to get flowers into the hands of whoever wants them. Florists and floral designers can buy blooms on our wholesale page that is reserved exclusively for flower professionals. We sell buckets of flowers to brides (or anyone) who want to create their own arrangements. We also offer weekly hand-wrapped bouquets for delivery or pickup.
We can create an arrangement for almost any occasion. If you have a special request for something you might need made, just drop us a line!  


Montanans sure do stick together! We buy beef from the ranch down the road, grab a beer at the local bar, shop at the family owned grocery store and eat at the little diner downtown. And when we need a bouquet for an anniversary or an arrangement for a celebration of life, we know where to go. We are members of our community, and every business decision we make has this community in mind. When you buy from us, we can buy more from you! Buying local flowers is better all the way around. The dollars stay here in our town and the quality of the product is much better. Win win!
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