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  • Why are flowers so expensive? I can get them cheaper from the grocery store.
    Many of the varieties we grow are unique or are higher end flower types. Ex) Our sunflowers are a pollen-less variety so they don’t drop pollen on your table or counter. And our dahlias are varieties that are only found from “boutique” type growers. Like any crop, flowers take a lot of time, money, and labor to grow. This ain’t your grandmas garden after all. Although your grandma could probably teach us all a few things about hard work, and gardening. You get what you pay for- our blooms will always have longer vase life, stronger fragrance, and better variety selection than anything you find in a store.
  • Can I come by the farm to see your fields in person?
    At this time we do not allow visitors on site. It is a very busy, working farm with not much down time to stop and smell the roses, unfortunately. Plus we would be in big trouble with our insurance agent.
  • Do you do wedding flowers?
    We offer seasonal flowers by the bucket for DIY brides. Contact us for more info and variety availability.
  • How can I purchase wholesale?
    Wholesale is reserved for florists and shops. If you would like to inquire about purchasing wholesale, please email us at
  • Do you ship your flowers?
    The short answer, no. The long answer, our flowers do not ship well. That is why it's so important to find and connect with a local grower to your area.
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