Reserve one of our lush market bouquets straight from the farm! Pickup will be at Simply Local Marketplace (115 Shiloh Rd, Suite 1 Billings, MT) on July 16 and 17. Please pick up your blooms by July 17 as they will not be held after that date and are non-refundable. 


(Pictured flowers are an example of what you may receive, but may not be exact. You will receive whatever is the most fresh from our farm!) 

Simply Local Marketplace July 16/17 Pickup

  • -Do not leave fresh flowers in a car (treat them like ice cream!)

    -Get flowers into water asap

    -Replace vase water every day for the longest vase-life

    -Trim 1/4" off stem ends each time water is changed

    -Keep out of heat and direct sunlight