Hand wrapped bouquet packed full of colorful, vibrant blooms. Pick up at Sun Dog Coffee Co. in Harlowton, MT

Market Bouquets 7-1-20

  • For the longest vase life:

    CUT: Trim the bottom 1/4” off each stem at an angle. This gives blooms a little more surface area to drink and keeps them from sitting on the bottom of the vase. 

    WATER: Flowers are thirsty! Fill your vase with cold tap water and get those babies in ASAP. Changing the water daily will give you extra days of vase life. 


    -If you’re bringing your bouquet or arrangement to another location, make ‘er quick! Think of your flowers as a tub of ice cream. That’s about how long you’d want to leave your beauties sitting in the car. 

    -Place your flowers out of direct sunlight. Sunshine and heat are things of the past for them now that they are cut. 

    -Some flowers last for several days and some can last for a couple weeks! As certain flowers fade, pull them out and continue to enjoy the rest of the bunch.